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Related article: Date: Sun, 7 Aug 2011 08:19:51 -0600 From: Brian Suddards Subject: African Kid 14Disclaimer: This is fiction. It deals with male to male sex between consenting adults. If it is illegal to read this type of story in the State or Province you live. You should leave this site now:Chapter 14.The 5 AM wakeup call didn't help at all. We all arrived in the bathroom at the same time and all showered together. That was something new for the boys and all of us were pretty hard when we were done. With no time, we put off any fun until later. Dressed we went for breakfast.After breakfast Gary ran us in to the station. I'm glad we started early, rush hour traffic was fearsome. We had plenty of time, our train didn't leave until 7:30. I had booked us a day cabin so we could sit together. After we started moving the questions started. I had to laugh sometimes. All three had been on trains before, but never one that moved at nearly 200 mph. The three hour trip to New York was fun for them.Early in the trip I called the service desk and ordered coffee. It was delivered by a colored Steward. My boys were surprised and so was the Steward. I'm not sure he had ever seen three good looking black guys traveling with a white before. After he left us alone it started."Wow, he was good looking." Onou said."Yeah and it looked like he was hung good too." Steven said."No comments Devine?" I laughed."Well I think he might be gay. He sure looked us over good." "Boys not everyone you meet is going to be gay. I think he was just surprised you three were traveling with me.""Maybe, but I bet he is." Devine said."Sorry you won't have time to find out." I laughed."Too bad." Onou laughed.When we arrived in New York, two Defense International guys met us with a limo. We went to the Hilton and checked in and then had Russian Preteen Models lunch. After lunch, they ran me to my meetings. I told them to pick me up about 4 pm, we would go Russian Preteen Models for dinner and they would be done for the day. They informed me they had a room next to mine and at least two men would be near 24 hours a day while we were in New York. Defense International considered me a very important person.The meetings went very well. I set Russian Preteen Models up a non profit company to handle both the orphanage and the endowment fund for any students from Africa that wanted to get degrees in the US. I made sure my will was changed to include all three of my Son's. My accountant was happy with my investments, but not too happy with amount I had spent so far in Africa. I told him to work with it because I was probably going to be spending a shit load more. All three knew that when the new radar went into production, I would be swimming in money so it was not as big a problem as my Accountant made out. When I told them I may be hiring an overall manager for all my companies and investments and told them who I had in mind, all were on board. Sandy had a very good reputation in Washington.I told my Accountant to contact American Express and get three platinum cards for my three sons. I wanted them before I Russian Preteen Models left New York. He could attach each to their accounts at Chase Manhattan. Everything done, I was happy but tired. The limo was waiting at the curb when I walked out.After a quick run to my hotel and up the elevator, I met my three coming from the pool on the roof. They all had different types of swim gear on. Maybe it was time to take them shopping. I figured first thing tomorrow, we could shop. Let them buy what ever they wanted. After getting wet sloppy kisses from all three, I grabbed a quick shower.I had barely got out of the shower and had a pair of cargo shorts on when the front desk called to say I had a visitor. I told them to send him up. I honestly had no idea who it might be.The boys had changed to board shorts too and looked damned good.The man when he arrived said his name was George Wilson from the American Express Head Office."WE were told to have these ready as soon as possible. So what I suggested considering the amount of money you spend through Amex, that we skip the formal application. What I need is the signatures of the three new card holders, then I can give them their cards now."Jesus, that was shock. It had taken me a month to get my card.Onou, Steven and Devine signed their names to applications. Then signed the backs of the platinum colored cards. Each already were embossed with their names."Mr. Hamilton, these cards are VIP Cards. I have a new one for you too. There is no limit on them. Considering you have attached each to their accounts here at Chase, we figured to give them the best available.""Thank you." I signed my new card."Have a good holiday Mr. Hamilton." He picked up all the paperwork and left."What's a VIP Card Dad?" Onou asked."Well VIP means Very Important Person, so I guess that means we are all Very important customers of Amex. There is no spending limit on the cards. Just remember that doesn't mean you can spend millions, although the card would honor it.""We'll be careful Dad." Devine said."I know you boys will. Maybe tomorrow we'll go shopping. You guys need rings and I want to get one for Steven. Then we can shop for clothes.""Cool." Steven said.After a real good dinner, we retired early to bed. It had been a long day. I figured I could sleep alone with Steven, but my boys had other ideas. Right after Steven laid down, both Onou and Devine came in. Soon it was a tag team match with me on one side and the boys on the other. While I was sucking Devine, Steven had his monster up my ass. When he was done it was Onou inside my butt as Devine fucked my face. Steven sucked my cock. They just rotated until all were done. I felt like a wet rag.Then all three just cuddled up close to me. Sleep was easy.In the morning Onou and Devine were already in the shower when I sat up. Steven dropped and drained me. As he stood I dropped and drained him. He still protested."Dad, you really don't have to do that."Steven, I think it's about time you started to call me Spencer or Spence, after all we are for all intents and purposes married. When you do me love, I'm going to do every time."We went into a pretty heavy kissing session and with that smooth black body intertwined with me, we were both hard in no time. Even with all three boys running down my legs, I could have had Steven in me again. We settled for a quick suck and then headed for the shower.It was pretty cool in New York, so all of them opted for long pants and hoodies. I dressed in slacks and a sweater. Our Security met us in the lobby and we all had breakfast.After breakfast we walked out to the curb. WOW! Was all three boys first words at seeing the super stretch limo waiting. One security guard opened the door and entered. After we were all inside the second man entered."Where to Sir?""Jewelry first." He spoke to the driver and the car moved smoothly off.About 15 minutes later we stopped next to a very well known Jewelry Store. One man opened the door and got out followed by us four. The first man entered the store. We followed and the second man entered behind us. I heard the metal detector at the door beep, but the Armed Security Guard just ignored it. I knew then that both the Defense International guys were armed.Onou and Devine went one way and Steven and I another. Steven and I looked at a large selection of men's rings. I was almost ready to give up when Steven pointed to one in a separate display case. It was a plane gold band with diamonds circling the entire ring. I had the clerk bring it out."Wow, that's nice." Steven said.I picked it up and slipped it on Steven's right ring finger."Looks good on you too Steven." "Do you have another just like it?" I asked the clerk."Two? You want Two?""Yes, is there a problem?""No Sir, but they are very expensive.""No matter, bring different sizes if you have them.""Yes Sir. I'll be back in a minute.""I'll pay for yours love.""And I'll pay for yours." Steven said.The clerk came back and Steven tried two rings on my finger before he found one that fit right."Good, we'll take both." I said and Russian Preteen Models dropped my card on the counter. Steven dropped his too."I'll pay for one of them." He said.The clerk looked a little skeptical but ran the cards. Both of course were approved. I just signed the sales slip."Holy Shit!" Steven said as he read the sales slip.I just chuckled. Steven had just spent $35,000.00 on a ring for me.As we walked over to where Onou and Devine were I saw they were arguing with the clerk."Problem boys?" "We like these ones, but he says there too expensive for us."As I was about to say something the manager walked out from the back."Spence, Spencer Hamilton. Very good to see again.""Hello Sam. Been a long time. Appears your clerk does not want to sell my boys rings."What's the problem here?" He asked the clerk."Sir these rings are very expensive. All I said was are they sure they can afford them.""Give him your cards boys." I said.The clerk looked at both and cards and then the boys."Are these cards real?" I bristled. Sam stepped up.He took both cards and ran them. Then came back and handed the slips to the boys. Both boys eyes got very big when they saw the amount. Both signed.When Onou showed me his I understood why they were expensive. Each was a men's ring with a wide band in heavy gold. The flat top of each had a ring of diamonds surrounding a cut Safire of I figured 10 or 12 carets. They were each double the price of the rings Steven and I got."Sam, can you get me three President models of Rolex."I had bought my Presidents Rolex here several years before.He brought three identical to what I was wearing. I handed him my Amex card and he brought me the slip. I just signed it. He then adjusted the bands to fit on my three boys."My gift to you boys." I said and all three kissed me."Sam, these are my three adopted Sons. This is Steven. That's Onou and Devine."He shook all three boys hands.AS we were leaving I heard Sam arguing with the clerk. I heard the clerk say `Their just a couple of rich niggers, big deal.'"For your information those three young men and Spencer Hamilton just spent over a quarter of a million dollars in less than ten minutes. Your so called rich niggers just cost you your job. Get out of my store."I just laughed.Once we were back in the limo, I was mobbed by all three boys. The security guys just laughed."Macy's next please." I said.Well three hours later and several thousand dollars poorer, the boys had everything I thought they would need for a lifetime. Some of the jeans they bought I wasn't sure of. I had never heard of stretch denim before but all three bought a few pairs of them. To me I didn't think they would fit. After buying out half the store they also had to buy luggage. I only bought a couple of pairs of jeans and a new pair of running shoes.It took six bellhops at our hotel to haul all their loot up to our suite. I told the security guys we would be in the rest of the day.The boys spent the next hour removing all the tags and packing their stuff in suit cases. I picked up a pair of Steven's stretch denims. Russian Preteen Models "Are you sure Russian Preteen Models these will fit. They don't look big enough for you love."All three had been modeling some of the stuff they bought. One thing I knew they couldn't wear in public was the pure white Speedos they bought. I think they purposely bought one size too small. When they had them on I knew outside they would cause accidents to happen. Just looking at them got me hard. All three knew what they were doing to me, which didn't help them stay soft either.Steven peeled off the Speedo he had on and picked up the stretch denims. His cock was semi-hard. When he pulled them on they were skin tight. Showing every curve and bulge perfectly. God he looked super hot in them. His cock was down one leg and when I ran my hand over the skin tight butt, I watched amazed as his cock thicken and slipped further down the leg."Wow!" Onou said.Brother you aren't going to able to wear those in public either." Devine laughed.Steven laughed, then turned and thrust his hips forward, I almost came in my pants just looking at him."What do you think love?" He said to me."I think you look down right edible in those.""Cool." He unzipped and pulled them down, freeing that wonderful cock.He just stepped forward and pushed into my mouth. I grabbed his ass and pulled him deeper. He then held my head as he slowly fucked my face. Being one of three very horny boys, he didn't take long to blow his sweet load into my throat. He pulled out and smiled."Definitely edible love. Could almost live on more of that."It didn't take the other two long to get the denims on too. Both got hard quick too. I watched as Onou pushed Devine to his knees and then feed his cock into his mouth. Using both hands on his head he face fucked Devine real aggressively. He didn't take long to blow either and then Devine did the same to Onou. Steven went to his knees and pulled my cock out and sucked me off.After everyone had satisfied their immediate needs, I ordered lunch. I told the boys to get decent. Much to my chagrin they put their Speedos."I'm not sure that's decent." I laughed."Well you said we could only wear them indoors." Devine giggled.The young bellhop who delivered our lunch almost fainted when he saw the three black boys in white Speedos. He also turned quite red when he saw that I had seen him looking. I also detected a slight rise in his tight uniform.IF he had been holding our lunch tray when Devine walked up to him and ran his hand over his butt, I'm sure he would have dropped it. That hand on his butt brought his dick up real fast. Devine gripped it."Can you stay for a while?" He asked innocently."Not, not right now." He said almost stammering."Well I better take care of this or you might have an accident." Devine kneeled and undid the boys zipper. He pulled his cock out and slipped it into his mouth. The young man almost fell down, but Devine held him up with a hand on his butt. When I looked the kid's eyes were closed and he was moaning. He was obviously pretty horny, he got off pretty quick. Devine stood up and kissed him. "Can you come back later." He asked."For sure. I get off at six.""Cool." Devine smiled.The young mans hands were shaking as he put his cock away and zipped up. I handed him a hundred dollar bill."That's for now and later." I said smiling."Wow, I'll definitely be back Sir."We sat down to eat our lunch."I kind of thought he might be gay when I saw him earlier. He was really looking us over at breakfast this morning." Devine said."You sure don't miss much love.""Well he was semi-hard at breakfast this morning. I'm glad he came up with our lunch.""I suspect he Russian Preteen Models arranged it himself.""You mean he wanted to check us out up close?'"Pretty sure Son.""Hope he likes to fuck too." Onou said."Remember boys, use protection.""Of course Father."After lunch we took a short nap. Steven and I in one bedroom, Onou and Devine in the other. I'm not sure if Onou and Devine slept, but Steven and I did.We all got up about two and put on swim suits. Not the Speedos, but regular swim suits. We went to the Spa on the top floor. While Onou and Devine played I did about 10 laps of the pool. Steven swam with me. He was an excellent swimmer, something new I learned about him. After the laps we went in the big Steam room to relax. I wished it was not available to all guests, I would have loved to stretch out nude. About four we headed down to our suite.I looked over some of the business I had to do in Seattle. It was hard to concentrate with three nude boys in the suite. We ordered dinner about 5:30 and it was delivered by the same young man. Terry he said his name was and after our delivery he was done and could stay if we wished. It took Devine about five seconds flat to get him out of his uniform.Nude he was a very good looking young man. Standing about five foot five and weighing around 140 to 150 lbs, he was very well toned man. Dirty blonde hair cut short, with deep blue eyes. Prominent tits and a very pronounced six pack led to a treasure trail leading down to a 7 and half inch hard cock. His balls were heavy and hung quite low. All in all he was very enticing. I sat and watched my boys.Devine sat down and Terry dropped and took Devine's cock straight into his throat. Onou went behind Terry, dropped to his knees, spread Terry's butt cheeks and ran his tongue into his crack. Terry moaned and pushed back on Onou. The boys almost worked as a team. I watched as Steven rolled a condom onto Onou's cock. He then lubed it as Onou continued to rim Terry. Onou lifted off of Terry's ass and brought his cock up. Up until Onou brought his cock up to Terry's ass, Terry's eyes had been closed. As Onou's cock touched his hole, his eyes snapped open and he tried to move off Devine cock. Devine held him on place with both hands. Onou started to push into Terry and a gurgling scream escaped Terry's mouth. Too late I knew. Onou entered him slowly as he struggled and cried. Damn I figured the boy was a virgin and getting Onou's monster would really split him open. I guess Onou figured it out, he stopped and waited.Although Terry continued to cry, I saw him move back on Onou's cock. Onou took it as a sign it was okay and he rammed all his cock into Terry. Terry screamed again and Devine was unable to hold him down. "Take it out, take it out. It hurts too much. Please stop." He cried.Then I saw something I had never seen in Onou. A look of pure lust."Shut up white boy and take it." He said.Onou began to just hammer away at the boys ass. Each time he thrust his cock in the boy screamed.I had seen enough."ONOU STOP!" I yelled.Onou looked at me and then at the crying boy beneath him. His whole expression changed in a heart beat. He pulled out and sat back and started to cry. Steven grabbed Terry and pulled him into his arms. Terry gripped Steven in almost a death grip. I sat down by Onou and pulled him into my arms. He just held ne as he continued to cry.What surprised me even more was when Terry let go of Steven and sat next to Onou. I moved back and Terry wrapped his arms around Russian Preteen Models Onou."Don't cry, I'm okay. I just never had a guy so big as you in me. Please, I'm okay."Onou looked at Terry."You don't understand. I wanted to hurt you. I wanted to rape your white ass.""Well it hurt for sure, but you weren't the first. Maybe the biggest, but not the first. I got raped when I was ten by my step Father. He was only about six inches. I love a cock in my ass, I just was not expecting one so big.""Maybe after Devine and Steven I can handle you."Steven and Onou laughed at that."Steven is bigger than me." Onou said.He looked at Steven who was hard. His eyes got very big."Wow, I never seen a cock that big before.""Terry, you need to understand something. These three boys are my adopted Sons. I love all of them and make love to all of them too. Onou and Devine are partners, just as Steven and I are. I think Onou was under the impression you were willing to get screwed. He isn't the biggest of my Sons but he was the first African male I had ever had. Now I enjoy them all.""God I wish you were my Father too. He just raped me and then threw me out. I have been on my own for so long I have forgotten what love really is. Now I meet you guys. I knew when I saw this morning you were all family, but I knew you were gay too. I just wanted to be part of what you have." Tears started down his face.Onou pulled Terry into his arms and held him as he cried."Father, I want to adopt Terry." Onou said.Holy Christ where did that come from. I just sat looking at Onou. Russian Preteen Models Terry was also taken aback."What do you mean you want to adopt me?" He said."Terry, my Father Spencer Hamilton adopted me, Steven and Divine. He has given us everything including his love. I would do anything to please my Father. I would like to give you what he has given me. I will love you and protect you. Just as Father has done for us. I love my Father so much I hurt inside sometimes. I want you to feel as I do.""How old are you Terry?" I asked."Eighteen next month sir.""Well Onou in New York State he is considered an adult at seventeen. It is now his choice if he wants to become part of you.""Father, I want your blessing too.""That Son you will always have no matter what you want to do.""Well Terry, do you want to join with Devine and I?""All I can offer you is love and maybe a little bit more."Terry looked at Onou's face. I knew what he saw in Onou. The same thing I had seen the first time I met him. I fell in love with Onou just from his eyes. Granted his magnificent cock had a bit to do with it.He turned and looked at me."Can I call you Father too?""Terry, you can call me anything you want. I know Onou already loves you and I can do no less." Terry broke away from Onou and almost ran across the suite to where I was sitting. I stood as he approached and he just flung himself into my arms. He cried as I held him. Right then I knew this was a young man had never experienced real love. I thought that since being raped by his step Father, all he had done to him was simply being used. Now he had a boy that loved him and another he could call Father. Terry just cried, I'm sure more in happiness. It didn't take long before I had three other loving boys in a tight embrace around me.After several minutes we broke apart. I led Terry to one of the couches and sat down."Thank you Father. You have made me very happy. Onou said.Terry, I have a couple of questions? Do you have a passport?""No Sir.""Okay, first thing. You can call me Spence or Spencer. Dad or Father, but this Sir shit is definitely out the window. I told my Sons the same thing, I also told them I would tan their cute butts if they did it. Problem I had with that they would have probably enjoyed it." I chuckled."Yeah Dad you never went through with it. Terry his bark is worse than his bite, except in bed." Devine laughed."Be that as it is, Onou put some clothes on and go tell one of the Defense guys next door I need someone to take some passport photos. The rest of you get dressed. Devine see if you have anything that will fit Terry. Steven dress and run over to the Post Office across the street and get a passport application. Get to it boys."While my boys jumped to it I called Washington."Sandy I need a passport. I'll send the application by courier tonight. I'd like it before I leave for Seattle in two days.""Fuck I hope you still have that job open." He laughed."Anytime Sandy."After the photos were taken I gave Defense International the application telling them I wanted it couriered to Washington overnight. Very quickly after they left all my boys including Terry were nude again."Terry, where are you living now?""I have a room in the Village. It's not much but I have called it home for a couple of years.""Well why don't you get dressed. I'll have the Defense guys run you, Onou and Divine over to your place to pick up your stuff. Onou you can take him to Macy's and pick up anything else he needs. I'll give you my card.""No Father, I'll pay." Onou said."Okay son."I pretty much figured Terry would come back with a very tight set of Speedos and stretch jeans.Steven and I spent two hours making love. I would never tire of Steven and his great cock. He told me the same thing. We almost didn't make it out of bed when the boys came back.Terry ran over to me and kissed me. He showed me the ring Onou had got him. Onou had just spent another 70 grand on a ring for Terry. I knew then that Onou loved Terry as much as he loved Devine.He took off to be with Onou and Devine. I called the Jewelry Store and asked Sam if he had another President Rolex. I told him to put it on my card."Not this time Russian Preteen Models Spence. This one is on me."Well considering together we had spent almost 300 grand in his store today, I just took as a norm. He said he would have it couriered over. I just sat and watched the boys. Steven brought me a scotch while I saw they were drinking beer. I could not actually believe how well they got on together. There's no doubt Terry was a very good looking young man and now relaxed he was also a very loving young man. He had his arm around both Onou and Devine almost all the time. He was also laughing with them as they talked.Steven came over and sat beside me."Father, Terry wants me to fuck him. I know I'm bigger than Onou and I don't want to hurt him.""Well maybe after Devine and then Onou he will be ready for you love.""Father that is not what he wants. Onou and Devine have been telling him about their first time with you. Onou had never had a cock in his ass before you and neither had Devine. He wants you Father."Before I could answer the phone buzzed.I answered it and told the clerk to send up the messenger.I answered the door, signed for the package and closed and locked the door. After sitting down I opened it."Terry, come over here please."When he came over I gave him the watch along with a kiss."I gave all my boys one of these today. You might need the band adjusted, but we can get that done tomorrow."Tears steamed down Terry's face."I think I must have died and gone to heaven. No one has ever given me anything before and now I have this ring and watch and all those clothes. I just don't know what I will ever be able to do to repay you.""Just continue to love Onou and Devine and I'll be happy Son.""Spence will you take me to bed. I want you to be first, well not first I guess, but a real first for me. Onou said it hurt real bad his first time and Devine said he thought he might die. Steven said you were the gentlest man in the world.""I can be pretty aggressive in bed Terry.""Please Father." He had a wanting in his eyes that pulled at your soul. The same look I had seen on all my Sons at one time or another.I gave him a kiss on the cheek and stood up. I took him by the hand and led him into my bedroom and closed the door. I turned him to me and gave him a deep loving kiss. After he laid on the bed as I removed my shorts. When I reached for a condom."You don't really need those Father. I have always practiced safe sex and get checked yearly at the HIV Free Clinic. My last checkup was just a month ago."I set the condom down and picked up the tube of lube. He watched as I coated my cock. As I kneeled he pulled his legs back. His tight rosebud was still a little red from Onou's assault. I leaned down and ran my tongue over that pink hole. He tasted of soap and sweat, a sweet taste I loved. Russian Preteen Models His moan of pleasure was accompanied by his whole body arching up to meet my tongue. This was one hot boy. I gave his hole a real tongue bath and then sat back. Looking at that flexing hole, my mind was in two parts, one wanted to just fuck the daylights out of this boy and the other wanted to make real love to him probably the first time someone had actually made love to him.Well I guess a little of both came through. I brought my cock up to his hole and slowly entered him. His body arched off the bed as my thick cock slowly opened him up. He was so hot inside, it was like sliding my cock into a caldron. I kept up a steady pressure until my balls slapped his ass cheeks. I just stopped in place. His teeth were clinched tight as well as his eyes. I could feel the internal muscles pulling, squeezing and pushing against my cock. This was one very experience young man. I pulled back slowly and then back in. I only made about five strokes before my load shot into his colon. When I came his eyes snapped open and he almost screamed."OHHHHH GOOOOD YYYEESSS"Still very hard inside his very hot hole the other part took over. I pulled back, gripped his thighs and then hammered my cock into his hole. He gave little yelps as my cock hit the top of his ass. I never slowed just hammered that tight hole for all I was worth. Sweat was dripping off my nose by the time I blew my second load into his bottom. God what a rush. I collapsed over him. I felt his arms come over my back as he pulled me tight to him."God, that was best I have ever felt. I wished it would never end." He sighed.I felt like a wet rag. Screwing this hot boy took a lot out of me. I slipped out of him as I rolled on my side. He just looked at me with those beautiful eyes. "I love you Spencer Hamilton." He said quietly."I love you too Terry.""I hope you two are going to share?" Devine said as he climbed on the foot of the bed."Yeah, we want some of that love too Terry." Onou said as he sat down."Of course I'm going to share. Come on Devine." Terry said as he laid back and lifted his legs.Devine didn't need a Russian Preteen Models second invitation. He was between Terry's legs in a heartbeat. I just watched as Devine slowly entered Terry."Oh wow, are you ever hot inside Terry. Dad really heated you up.""No Son, he was hot to start with." I said.I felt a hand on my cock and rolled flat. Steven was descending onto my cock. His hot mouth didn't take him long before I was rock hard again. As I started to pull my legs back so I could have Steven enter me, he sat on my crotch."Oh no love. I'm saving for Terry." He lifted his bottom, centered my cock on his hole and sat down.Now it was my time to be in heaven as Steven slowly moved on my cock. I turned my head and watched amazed as Devine pounded Terry's hole. Terry's cock fired another long stream that splattered his face and chest. Devine almost screamed as he came inside Terry. Both Steven and I lost control as we saw Devine and Terry blow. I blew inside Steven and he came like a fire hose over my face and hair. Steven leaned over and licked my face clean and the spun around and sucked my cock and balls. That left his very enticing tush in my nose. I pulled him down and rimmed him of my load. I was now total spent and Steven and I just cuddled as we watched Onou enter Terry. This time Onou was very gentle. Terry's moans of pleasure told everyone he was very happy to have Onou's thick meat sliding into his hot hole. Onou could be as aggressive as I was in bed, but this time he did slow and lovingly. Terry was again in heaven. His eyes were rolled back and his breathing was slow and measured.Onou's slow assault on Terry's hot hole was having an effect on Steven's monster. I could feel it getting hard in my hand."Be gentle love. Real gentle. You are way bigger than any of your brothers." I whispered in his ear."I will love. I promise. I want Terry to love me too.""That son I don't think will ever be a problem."I knew Onou could go almost all night before blowing his massive load of Spunk. This time I watched as he stopped deep inside Terry. I knew Terry was getting Onou's load of sweet sperm blasted into his colon. I watched Devine swallow as Terry came again. That boy sure recovered fast. I also knew what I wanted when Steven finished inside Terry. Terry would have all my loves loads inside him. I wanted to taste all three.I saw terry's eyes open very wide as Steven moved up between his legs. Weather it was in wonder or fear I wasn't sure. Steven's cock when it was hard actually drooped downward. Steven grabbed Terry's legs just below the knees and pushed him back almost double. I figured if he pushed him back further he could suck his own cock. I watched as that thick black pole descended into Terry's pure white ass. I heard Terry giggle once and then watched as he lowered his legs farther back. His cock went right into his mouth. I think all of us were totally astounded not the least Steven. Steven lost momentary control and his cock shot into Terry. With his weight coming down onto Terry, Terry gagged once as his cock was pushed further into his mouth. Steven pulled back at once and Terry let his cock come out of his mouth."God don't stop. More, harder please. It feels so good."Steven went back in and Terry again sucked his own cock. Steven I knew could go almost all night too, but watching Terry suck his own cock got him off almost instantly. It didn't slow him down he just continued. Steven started to bounce up and down, using his legs muscles. Each time he went in Terry's cock went into his own mouth as he actually face fucked himself. I lost total control watching and if Onou had not been sucking my cock I'd have been sprayed again with my own load.Steven was going balls deep on every stroke. To think Terry's ass was taking all almost twelve inches deep inside him. Steven couldn't hold back and stopped again. I watched terry swallow and knew he just sucked himself off. Steven practically fainted as he sat back, that black snaked pulling out of Terry with a pop. Terry had a wonderful smile on his face.After catching his breath."Wow, that was hot. You guys are something else. I have never felt so good before in my life."Terry tried to get up, but I pulled him over onto my face. At first he didn't know what I was doing. When my tongue hit his hole he sat straight up driving his hole onto my face. All I needed do was open my mouth, the flood draining from his cute butt filled my mouth instantly. He leaned over, relieving some of the pressure on my face and I felt his hot mouth on my cock. Well tasting all my boys and Terry put me again over the edge. I could not believe I actually came a fourth time. Totally wasted I could only lie still. Terry turned and kissed and licked my face clean.He then cuddled up real close."God I love you guys." He murmured.Pretty quick we were all cuddled together. I think I was asleep as soon as I closed my eyes. I was still pretty wasted when I woke up. I watched Terry drain my three Sons. As I went to get up Terry dropped between my legs."It's okay Dad. I had to do a lot worse sometimes. I like this part."Having very little control, being so wasted I just let him drain me. Onou and Devine headed for the other bathroom with Terry. Steven sat down beside me. I gave him a good morning kiss."Boy is he something else love. I couldn't believe he could actually suck himself off. I wonder if I could do that?""Well your long enough." I laughed."Yeah." Steven giggled. "Maybe I can suck myself and drain myself.""Then what would I get love?"We both staggered into the bathroom. A long hot shower helped but I was still groggy. I knew a gallon of coffee and food would definitely help. We dressed and walked into the living room. The boys had already ordered coffee and I poured a cup."What are going to do today father?" Devine asked.All three looked like they were ready to start right back into another session as last night. God they would kill me at this rate."Well after a gallon of coffee and something to eat, other than you three, I think we could go to Ground Zero.""Cool. I ordered brunch." After giving me a good morning kiss they started to talk about what they would wear. I heard stretch denims mentioned."Look boys, I know how much you love those stretch jeans, but I also know you might get arrested if you wear them outside.""WE know Dad."TBC
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